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New class added!! 60 minute hot yoga (60 minute version of our traditional 90 minute class)

6:45AM: December 5, 12, 19

Special Events:

Meditation and Yin Yoga: Saturday, December 14th @ 11:30am; $20/person

3rd Annual VIN to YIN: January 1, 2020


New Years Day! Join Sonya and Julie for an amazing class to feel Renewed, Refreshed and Revitalized. Great for beginners through advanced practitioners! Starting with guided meditation, moving through slow vinyasa flows and finishing with long held yin poses. Healthy refreshments provided following class. $30 per person

Email Sonya with questions or to register: horns@wellnessforumhealth.com

“Give me a fever and I can cure anything.”

For centuries, heat has been used as a curative tool.  Heating the body’s core temperature even slightly can kill bacteria and viruses, and speed the process of recovery from colds and other ailments.  Heat causes an increase in metabolic rate, and results in increased calorie burn, weight loss and fat burning.  Sweating helps to keep the body detoxified and the skin clean and pliant.  And heat builds aerobic capacity by opening respiratory passages, causing the lungs to work harder, and the heart to pump faster.

Wellness Forum Hot Yoga offers the benefits of other forms of yoga; improved balance and coordination, concentration, stress reduction, strength, flexibility and fitness.  Our classroom is heated to 105°, and the humidity is 40%.  Practicing yoga in a hot, moist room allows muscles to stretch more, which improves flexibility and range of motion.  This means both less chance of injury and faster recovery of tight, strained and pulled muscles; and injured joints.

Let us help you to develop a lean, flexible, strong, and optimally healthy body; and positively change your life forever!  Visit us soon!