Instructions for First Time Yoga Students

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you’ll be able to fill out your enrollment form and pay for your class.

What to wear:  The room is hot, so you’ll be most comfortable if you wear shorts (spandex is best) with a sports bra or tank top.  The more clothing you wear the more uncomfortable you’ll be. Only one layer of clothing is permitted in addition to undergarments. No sweatshirts, sweat pants, or hoodies. Yoga pants and long-sleeved light-weight shirts are acceptable if you choose not to wear shorts and tank tops. No phones, watches, fit bits or other electronic items are permitted in the yoga room under any circumstances. 

Bring at least 32 ounces of water with you; if you forget or prefer, we offer water for sale at the front desk.

Bring your yoga mat and a large towel that covers your mat. We offer mats and towels for rent if you do not have these things.

You’ll be given more instructions by the teacher when you come to class.


  • Pregnant women can take class provided they have started taking classes either before or shortly after becoming pregnant. Many of our female students have practiced in our hot room almost until delivery.